Come and visit Old School and hosts living with passion

Ania specialises in vegan cuisine, both in theory and practice. Grzegorz is a master of traditional Polish cuisine. This culinary dualism is only one of a few complementing elements of the Old School. Ania is a translator and she took up the challenge of moving out of a big city. As she states it, “I live in the same way as I work in the same way. The only difference is a much nicer window view.” What is more, in Harsz she can practice canicross, running in the woods with her dogs and also cycle in the countryside for hours on her road bike.

Grzegorz is a horse riding instructor and a member of the Polish Association of Carrier Pigeons. His sports pigeons can travel at a speed up to 178 km p/h.

They both love organizing parties and having guests. This is why they’ve changed the huge building of the Old School into a cosy house, where people can relax and rest from everyday busy life. They love animals, owning 3 cats, 2 dogs and some carrier pigeons.