The Masurian Lake Disctrict is one of the most unique regions in the world.Enjoy Masurian landscapes.

Harsz is surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes. The area is simply ideal for relaxation.

The area of Harsz comprises picturesque landscapes and numerous tourist attractions. The Great Masurian Lakes, such as Dargin, Mamry or Święcajty are only 2-3 km away from the village. We are proud of our lakes, hiking and cycling trails as well as storks, which come back to their nests year after year.

The village of Harsz is a part of Pozezdrze community. The village of Pozezdrze, 5 km away from Harsz, is situated by the national road joining Giżycko and Węgorzewo. Within the distance of 15 km there are a lot of sites worth visiting, including bunkers from World War II in Mamerki, bison reserve in the great forest of Puszcza Borecka or pyramid tomb in Rapa.

It’s our pleasure to inform you that Stara Szkoła has the MPR recommendation by Green Velo on Eastern Poland Cycling Trail, which stands for the recommendation of a Cyclist-Friendly Place. This means that we have positively passed the verification procedure conducted by the auditors of the Greeen Velo Trail.