Tradition and health

In Stara Szkoła we make sure that all our dishes are tasty and healthy. We don’t use semi-processed foods. Our cottage cheese, yoghurts, sausages and preserves are homemade according to slow-food rules. We use nature’s goods in their season and crops from our own garden, cooperating with local farmers. When asked for, we can bake bread, either traditional or gluten-free.

We take individual preferences of our guests into consideration, adjusting our menu to their needs. You can choose vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or traditional cuisine.

In the kitchen we respond to any culinary needs of our guests. Our culinary kingdom is divided into two parts – Grzegorz is in charge of the taste of traditional cuisine, whereas Ania, who’s been vegetarian for almost 30 years and vegan for a year, is responsible for vegan delicacies. You can ask for a vegan meal even if you’re not vegetarian, just to have a go at this healthy, delicious cuisine.

One thing is certain, the taste of all our dishes perfectly combines with its healthiness!

Breakfast is served from 8.30 to 11.00 and dinner at 6. At lunchtime you can order something from our special lunch menu.